Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Snow in Melbourne

Almost the best time of year in Melbourne -winter. I love autumn, the best weather of the year. Spring, well it never knows what it wants to be - four seasons in one day? And summer? Well when it finally gets here it's just too hot, only good for fly fishing on mountain streams. But winter I love it. working outside in the cold for a couple of hours, then inside next to an open fire and a whisky, going to the footy (outdoors) all rugged up, just enjoying the invigorating weather. Best of all - skiing, nothing like a few days up high and getting wet, cold and miserable, well not really. The few weeks in late July, early August where it is true cold alpine weather, everything is crisp cold and dry. The snow is clean and fast and the cold can take your breath away.

Talking of snow today I was listening to Jon Faine on 3LO (or 774 if you prefer) and as usual he was rambling on as if he knows everything. He apparently recently had someone tell him it snowed in Melbourne in 1952, the next 10 minutes were taken up with stories of this and how unusual it was. He must never go outside in cold weather in Melbourne, I often work outside and most years I get snowed on at least once in Melbourne, sure it doesn't stay on the ground but it definitely snows. Sometimes it can be quite heavy, in form two in 1970 it snowed quite heavily it stayed on our clothes for a minute or so. About 14 or 15 years ago I didn't see it snow but it did snow overnight quite heavily so much that driving around Pascoe Vale that morning the gutters were white. First thing that morning my backyard was covered. it was still in the gutters of Gordon Street West Coburg about 9 am.

So much for the big snow of '52, anyway enough needless picking on our esteemed media personality. Does anyone else remember snow around the suburbs in recent times?


Glen W. said...

Greetings Bill,

Snow fell in the city of Melbourne
on 25-7-1986 and lightly settled-i
was lucky enough to witness this.

Also 5-9-1995 i observed light snow
flurry in Glen Waverley.

Regards, Glen.

Bill Cooper said...

Thanks Glen, Iknow it does happen every 5 to 10 years. Pity it wasn't more often.