Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Radio National

I have for the past several years have listened to radio national for several hours each day, It gives me heart to think that I am not the only one in the world who is interested in many different subjects. It has always had its blatanty politicized presenters - Phillip Adams, Sandy McCutcheon and a few others, however most of the presenters manage to suppress their personal feelings and present reasonably well balanced programs, Terry Lane, Alan Saunders and Peter Thompson to name a few. I can put up with Adams as he often has interesting guests and I just don't listen to McCutcheon but I can't stand presenters who have little knowledge of a subject and try to give the impression that they know much.

Life Matters was never my favourite program however it often had interesting topics and guests, unfortunately since the departure of Geraldine Doogue the standard has steadily deteriorated until I can no longer listen. I don't know how the guests or topics are selected however since Julie McCrossin has been the sole host the focus seems to dwell on wymyns matters. There seems to be no end of gay issues, single mothers and indiginous female artists etc. Julie gushes all over her guests and topics at the same time she offers her own anecdotes or observations most of which seem to have little or no relevance to the issue at hand. When Geraldine was a co host the program seemed to offer a more balanced selection of guests and topics and a more mature outlook.

Until things improve I will stick to the afternoon shows, especially books and writing and big ideas, great stuff.

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