Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Why 737? Well it was in the second Creedence Clearwater Revival song that I heard, at the time I was staggered, "what could be better than this?" I thought. Well 35 years later I had another listen to some of my old albums some still sound good but others - well they were a sound for the times I guess. Remembering a 13 year old boy, listening to either 3XY or 3AK on a small transistor radio in his room late at night, it was cold in the little tacked on lean to room in winter. I would have the blankets pulled up over my head to keep out the cold and the volume down as I was supposed to be asleep. I think I was attracted to the energy in 'Travelling Band' a raucous loud energetic song reflecting the adrenalin charged lifestyle of a band in demand, it made me want to be a musician however being extremely non musical that was not to be. I don't know whether I will ever play the album again. It may be that the music is not what I remembered it to be or it reminds me that I will be what I wanted (at that age) to be, who knows, it hurts to think about it sometimes

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