Wednesday, May 12, 2004

1966 The First Time

Sometime in 1966 not sure of the season except that it was a warm afternoon, I was wearing grey shorts, a blue shirt and my school jumper. The class was lined up to go over to church, it was all rather semi military then, we marched to our classrooms in the morning to the Colonel Bogey march, we lined up and marched in twos to sport, church everywhere almost. St Fidelis was I suppose, a typical working class catholic primary school of the time. Anyway we were lined up and we were all chatting as kids do, the headnun was becoming increasingly frustrated in her efforts to get us to behave as silent obedient 'good children'. "The next child who speaks will get the strap!!" she cried. Everyone fell silent, I turned to the boy next to me and said "You know I've never had the strap". Well then at the age of ten I got my first taste of leather, there was much more to come over the next 7 years.

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